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Exclusive Designs

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What is Gunite & Marble Plaster Pool/Gunite & Fibreglass Liner Pool?

Gunite (also known as ‘shot-crete’) refers to the application method of re-inforced concrete substrate of a pool with a free-formed shape.

The main difference between pre-cast fibreglass pools and Gunite pools isĀ the free formed shape. All freeformed ranges of Swimming Pools are designed and built completely “on-site” and are not subject to the limited design choices of pre-cast fibreglass pools.

This versatility is often a winner when there are complicated design specifications involved such as those required for ‘suspended’ pools, ‘beach-entry’ pools, ‘infinity edge’ pools and ‘natural environment’ pools.

The Gunite shell is still porous and cannot effectively contain water. A liner is then chosen and applied to the gunite shell – and this is what makes the ultimate difference to the client – as it will not only determine the visual final effect, but will also dictate future running costs etc.

The Construction Process

Concrete pools are the oldest form of building pools. The process starts with digging a hole in the ground and lining the hole with re-bar. Then the drains, skimmers, return lines, and in-floor cleaning system are set into place. After that, the pool is shot with gunite. Then, the tile and coping stones are set in place. Finally, the pool is shot and troweled with plaster. Once the plaster is finished, the pool is filled with water.

Marble Plaster

Marble plaster is a marble dust and cement mixture which, when applied produces a silky smooth finish much like the shell on an egg. It can be mixed with various oxides to produce different colour effects and is often popular when creating a ‘natural environment’ or ‘rock’ pool where the cascades and rocks are matched or complimented by the pigment of the pool. The down side of marble plaster as a finish is that it is susceptible to long term damage by incorrect water chemistry and high usage, and as such will need to be renewed from time to time. It also carries only a one year ‘workmanship’ guarantee, with NO Guarantee on the colour of marble plaster.

Fibreglass Liner

A fibreglass liner can also be applied to the gunite substrate, which is far less susceptible to poor water chemistry and holds a 5 year guarantee. This kind of liner is perfect for pools that have high usage as the fibreglass doesn’t lose its smooth, silky feel with time. The downside is that it is only offered in uniform colours such as baby blue, white, grey, charcoal etc, which do not always match the colour requirments of some projects.

We would highly recommend the fibreglass liner option for all commercial/public pools.